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Portrait Photography

Most people don't feel very comfortable in front of the camera. A studio setting in particular can seem intimidating. That is why I take the time for you, resulting in a portrait in which you recognize yourself. 




While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, we discuss some everyday things. What are your interests and what is your favorite music? What kind of photo are you looking for? 

While we are talking, I shoot some images in the meantime. I will take you fully into the process. My experience is that you automatically forget the camera, resulting in a portrait where you are completely yourself! 

"A portrait where you are completely yourself"


Portrait photo on location


Do you want a portrait of yourself at your favorite location? As a reminder, or as an informal profile picture for your social accounts? 

During this photo shoot you determine the location. If desired, you can bring several cloths for a varied number of photos. 

Fine art Portrait photo


After my study at Foto Academie Amsterdam I came up with a special concept. During this photo shoot we make a portrait in which you play the leading role.


In advance we discuss your wishes, such as the location. But also what kind of portrait you would like. What feeling the photo should have. The shoot lasts 2 hours, this includes preparing on location. Afterwards I spend a lot of time on post-processing, in order to deliver the photo you are looking for. During the editing process I will include your opinion, so it is not possible to choose from multiple photos. 

Are you looking for a unique image of yourself? A Fine-art portrait photo made entirely according to your wishes and in which you play the leading role? Then use the online booking system to schedule your photo shoot.

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