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The beginning of I-SEAYOU Photography

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Read here how I-SEAYOU photography started

This name refers to my love for the sea. I owe her a lot, including finding myself again. Surfing taught me to see myself. The sea mercilessly held up a mirror. Going against the current, is hard. In real life you can try it, but it is exhausting I can tell you. In the sea it won't get you anywhere. It's also frustrating. But in the end it forces you to take a step back. Zoom out for a moment, to take a helicopter - view. Suddenly you see the rip, the current that brings water back to the sea.

Sometimes you have to take a step back, just like in real life. I did that. I resigned from both of my jobs. To zoom out, but also to zoom in deeply. I took the time to tidy up my backpack. Everyone goes through though stages in life, and it's important to think about that every now and then. To look yourself straight in the mirror and asking the question, am I at peace with the past? Because as soon as I recognize my own baggage, I also recognize it from others. In doing so, I went deep to my own core, to what I want, instead of being absorbed in the things of everyday life. And there it was. Something that actually always ran like a red thread through my life. Sometimes less intensive, but always present: photography.

For me, it's not just a click on a button. It is depicting and showing how I see the world. Seeing plays a key word in this. Inherent to recognition, both from the people and nature around me. I try to bring the image to life by using surprising compositions and natural light. Bold contrast, or almost no contrast. With colors and contrasts you can give images a feeling or reflecting a emotion. I try to apply that in my photography style. Because I started to see myself, I also started to see the other. And that's my message. I see you, including all perfect imperfections. With my photography I want to inspire you to see more, both yourself and the people and nature around you. I hope to inspire you to stop, to take your time.

There's a lot we can't influence in life, but there's one thing we can. And that is our attitude towards life "You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

I - S E A Y O U Photography & Poetry inspired by and dedicated to sea

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