Art statement

I am a fine art photographer, originally from Holland- Haarlem, and I lived for seven months in my van in Australia- mainley New South Wales coastline. 

Nature is my biggest inspiration. It is inspiring to see how every little creature provides the
where a balanced cycle of material flow serves other organisms; no single use,
but useful.

With my photography I aim to show our most precious connection with the earth… that we all belong to. I hope my art and poetry inspires you to sea, appreciate and take care of our dear nature.
For this reason, I decided to refuse mass production, instead producing only a limited quantity of prints.

Fine art prints are available in my webshop. 

I – S E A Y O U
Photography & Poetry inspired by and dedicated to sea


Photography is a way to express myself. Every persons sees and experience the world in a different way. I use my camera to show and express how I see and experience the world.

Have a look at my Art Gallery to see a quick overview of my Artwork



Surf Photography is a demanding art form that doesn't only require technical skill, but also a great knowledge and understanding of the surroundings in and out of the water. Critical timing is everything when trying to engage with a surfer. I aim to capture the feeling the surfer is going through. 
If you want to see more surf photography, view my work by clicking the bottun below.


Landscape photography shows spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. In my landscape photographes I work with a fine art approach. It is about the connection I- as a photographer, have with the landscape I am in. With my photographs I try to convey this feeling to you.


In this Art Form I feel like I directly collobrate with nature.  Especially when it comes to ocean water photography, there are some dimensions you can’t control. To me it is connecting with nature as a artist in the purest way.

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