Artist statement

I am Sabrina, a fine art photographer, based in Haarlem - Holland. For a couple of months I lived in my van in Australia. Mainly exploring the New South Wales coastline. 

Nature is my biggest inspiration. It is inspiring to see how every little creature provides the
eco-system, where a balanced cycle of material flow serves other organisms; no single use, but useful.

With my photography I aim to show our most precious connection with the earth… that we all belong to. I hope my art and poetry inspires you to see, appreciate and take care of our dear nature.

For this reason, I decided to refuse mass production, instead producing only a limited quantity of prints. 

Sabrina Vermeulen

I – S E A Y O U
Photography & Poetry inspired by and dedicated to sea

Art Gallery

Photography is a way to express myself. Every persons sees and experience the world in a different way. I use my camera to show and express how I see and experience the world.

Here you find a number of poems I wrote inspired by nature and everyday life. 


Sabrina Vermeulen

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