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We live in a very fast society. New developments follow each other in rapid succession. Thanks to the smartphone, we are almost always available, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A constant stream of information and stimuli that our brains have to process. In today's society it means that we are constantly connected to what is happening around us. Because of this there is a constant threat that we disconnect with ourselves in order to meet the expectations of others.

Growing  into your naked truth is a photo series about the search how to maintain the connection with yourself and nature in today's society and how this connection helps you to be your authentic self. Pure and naked of all expectations of others.

The series is inspired by nature where growth is not always immediately visible. And where, when something dies, it becomes a valuable resource for something new. Just like in nature, we humans can die while we live and grow into someone else.

Grow to your naked truth

Sabrina Vermeulen Naakte waarheid  7.jpg

Grow to your naked truth

This is the sequel to the "Growing to Your Naked Truth" series. For this photo series I used the element water. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by our emotions. Pushed down like a rough sea. When we allow and observe that feeling, we see that there is often a deeper message underneath

The element water represents intuition, creativity and feeling. This element is associated with the feminine because a woman's intuition is often more developed than a man's. The element of water can support you when you experience confused feelings. This element gives you the power to trust your intuition again. It is the liquid element of all living things, which is why water symbolizes feelings and emotions.

Love, Hope en Grief Fotografie

Some lovers come into our lives but won't stay. They bring a deeper message that invites us on a mystical journey. The emptiness that becomes more consciously experienced after the disconnection will at the same time give a sense of all-oneness. You begin to understand the self-contained unity in the immensity of our existence.

The leaf in this photo series symbolizes the connection between two loved ones that need be  let go off in order for both to grown further. 

Love, Hope & Mourning

The darkness resurrects you


This was an assignment from Foto Academie Amsterdam where I had to choose a certain theme and every lesson a new theme was given to combine with the theme I had chosen. For this assignment I chose the theme depression.

In the Netherlands, almost 20 percent of adults (18-64 years) experience depression at some point in their lives. Depression is often little understood because it is not visible from the outside and because of this many people suffer in loneliness. With this photo series I have tried to portray the feeling of depression and thereby try to create more understanding for this psychological disorder


With the title “The darkness raises you” I try to refute the focus to hope. I believe that sometimes in our lives we have to go through difficult moments in order to eventually grow stronger.

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