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Fine art prints 

I-SEAYOU Fotografie fine-art

Limited fine-art prints inspired by life and with a passion for nature. 

As a photographer and artist I find it important to have fully influence on the production process. This means from the moment I take the photo, to the editing process, the printing and the final finish such as passepartout and the frame. The philosophy behind this is to reduce the "travel footprint", but also the influence that I have on the packaging and the final finish such as the frame. For the framing I reuses existing frames. All with the aim of minimizing the impact on the environment.


Sabrina Vermeulen I-SEAYOU fotografie

Limited fine-art prints inspired by life and with a passion for nature

Trust that little voice in your head that say's "Wouldn't it be interesting if..."
And then do it. 

- Duane Michals

In my portfolio section I show work that I made during my study at the "Foto Academie Amsterdam". 


In this work I use both a conceptual and an intuitive approach.

Portretfotograaf in Zandvoort | I-SEAYOU Fotografie

Portrait Photography 

Sabrina Vermeulen is available for Portrait photo shoots. With her adventurous and open character she easily makes contact with the person in front of her camera.

Because of her background as a healthcare professional in rehabilitation, she knows the raw side of life. As a result, she does not shy away from sensitive subjects. That makes the person in front of the camera really feels seen. Which you can see in the images! For more portrait photography and customer reviews click on the button below. 

Sabrina Vermeulen I-SEAYOU.jpg

More about Sabrina

Sabrina is a Dutch Fine-Art photographer who is inspired by nature and the way we as human are connected to her.

In her work she explores our connection with nature, en she not only wants to photograph nature, but also interact with it on a deeper level through her work. This results in images that make you pause and ask you to look at the connection you have with our earth. She not only tries to make visible what is visible, but she also leaves space for you and your own interpretation.

I-SEAYOU Fotografie | Sabrina Vermeulen

Surf Photography

Surf photography is a demanding art form that requires not only technical skills, but also a great knowledge and understanding of the environment both in and out of the water. Timing is everything when you want to capture the surfer at the right moment. 


Surfing makes you feel humble. In the lineup you are so small compared to the big sea and its waves. In my surf photography I try to capture the essence and the feeling that surfing gives you. 

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