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Home is where my heart is

Home is where my heart is

My house lives my heart. It's mobile, compact and whenever it feels right, she will beat with compassion. Nature is my backyard and playground. She contains mountains, seas and forrest. When we are lockup in between four walls, it's harder to carry my heart. She becomes a heavy pressure on my chest.

Sometimes she screams so hard and says: let my go, let me go! As soon as I step back in to nature, she opens. Unfolding , giving and receiving. Everyone is welcome in my home and in my heart.

This was a text I wrote in 2018 in five minutes when I was on the train. The words came as if my subconscious had borrowed my voice. When it was finished I knew immediately what I had to do. Resign my jobs and travel. Not necessarily to see places or tick the highlights. But to meet people. That's what I did and I'm incredibly grateful that I listened to that inner voice. The outdoors is still the place where I feel at home.

In the meantime I no longer live in a van, but in my own apartment in Zandvoort (The Netherlands) and the sea is my backyard. If there's one thing that makes me happy, it's nature. Besides nature, I like to connect with people. I am grateful for everyone who I carry so close in my heart.

In the past years I have learned that you don't have to fly to the other side of the world for happiness. But if you open yourself up to be gratefull for what is, then happiness is just around the corner from you. And thats how you carry your home in your heart, wherever you are!

I - S E A Y O U Photography & Poetry inspired by and dedicated to sea

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