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Parallelle lijnen

These photo's where the start of a collaboration with my friend Mark.

The project was called "Parallel Lines" which can be defined as “two lines in the same plane that are at equal distance from each other and never meet.” With this idea of separation in mind, despite the lock down and travel restrictions, Mark Richardson (Australia) & Sabrina Vermeulen (Netherlands) decided to work on an interactive collaborative project. The project is created around the sunrise and sunset as a symbolic translation of the time that passes, questioning the definition of time, being, and synchronicity.

This multilayered and interactive project is comprised of two thirty-minute videos; the sunset in The Netherlands and the sunrise in Australia, shot at corresponding times, twelve hours apart. These videos are projected over 120 stills, 60 from each video taken at 30 second intervals. This creates pairs of images with matching time signatures (e.g. 6:51:00 am and 6:51:00 pm), made as postcards, that people are encouraged to purchase ($10/ pair) and send to someone who lives the furthest from them. The resulting global network of participants, both senders and receivers, are further encouraged to participate by using the QR code on the back of the postcard to register for an interactive artists and participants talk.

Sabrina about the project:

I wondered if it was possible to travel without leaving, to go beyond places without a real visit. I started to breakdown what traveling really is for me, and it is basically about the people I meet about the stories we share and to find similarities in others with a completely different background. Despite the lock down here in the Netherlands, I found new ways of traveling. In November I ended up living in a beach bar, which was the closest I could get to the Van Life. And with that, I met so many new friends. I reached out to Mark to ask if he was into a collaboration. He was doing his own sunrise project and we found out after a call that in three days the sunrise & sunset in the Netherlands would be exact twelve hours apart. The whole project organically evolved from the video we created.

In collaboration with Mark Richardson

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